Always safe on the move with Virukit

Virukit is a handy little bag with all the essentials to protect you against contamination by a virus, such as Covid-19. This way you not only protect yourself but also family, friends and colleagues. Safety first!

10 mouth masks

2 pairs of gloves


Hand rub

15 cleansing wipes

With Virukit you always have
your safety in your pocket

Do you often go to places where you have to wear a mouth mask? Do you like to have hand rub with you in order to disinfect your hands when necessary? Virukit is an all-in-one bag to take along with you in your car, backpack, handbag or when traveling. It contains 10 protective mouth masks, a disinfecting hand rub, 15 cleaning wipes, 2 pairs of gloves and a fever thermometer.

With Virukit you are always well protected on the move.

Face masks

When you talk, cough or sneeze, tiny water droplets fly around. A face (mouth and nose) mask stops this propagation which reduces the risk of contaminating other people. The Virukit contains 10 mouth masks.


You additionally protect yourself against viruses by wearing these gloves, for example when using a shopping cart, a door handle or the keys of an ATM. In the Virukit you will find 2 pairs of gloves.


With a fever thermometer (in the form of a reusable sticker) you can quickly measure your temperature if you are not feeling well. You mostly don't have a thermometer at hand when you are moving or traveling, but with Virukit you do!

Hand rub

Good hand hygiene is essential to avoid contamination from viruses and other microbes. With a bottle of disinfecting hydroalcoholic hand solution you clean and disinfect your hands when necessary. The hand rub in the Virukit is extra handy as it comes in a spray presentation.

Cleaning wipes

These cleaning wipes are useful for cleaning objects and surfaces if you don't have water available. The Virukit contains a pack of 15 cleaning wipes.
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Quality medication for everyone

MULTI-G is a Belgian pharmaceutical company that has been active internationally for 30 years, mainly in Africa, to make high-quality medicines accessible to everyone. As one of the first European companies, it has made available a reliable COVID-19 serological test followed by antigen tests. Virukit has been designed with great care by MULTI-G so that you can safely carry out your daily activities and travel well protected. The production site is located in the province of Antwerp.